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February Preview

Next box ships 1st week of February 

Our 'February Valentine's' Zestbox for subscribers will include ingredients to make a healthy Coq au Vin dinner, homemade pizza and Kale & Quinoa Soup. What Valentine's collection wouldn't be complete without chocolate and fruit?!

Looking to send a Valentine's Gift Box? Click below to send a GIFT BOX and see the special Valentine's Gift Box collection that we have created including a beautiful Vented in Brooklyn bracelet engraved with the quote "Love Never Forgets." Each Gift Box will donate $5 to the Alzheimer's Association in addition to 2% to Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation.

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What is zestbox?

Save time searching for great tasting, chef approved snacks and ingredients for the whole family. Think of zestbox as your personal superfood shopper. Packed with better for you snacks and ingredients to make quick healthy meals. 

Each box features a theme ingredient like blueberries or cauliflower or theme health benefits such as minimizing stress or to help with sleep. We put a purpose to what we send to support our mission that food is medicine! No box is complete without the special motivational gift to complement the theme and encourage a zest for life.

During the holidays our box design includes lemon snowflakes and winter inspiring quotes. We feature products supporting small businesses while raising money for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation. With each zestbox, you not only take care of yourself, but you can take care of others

We help you spend less time looking for healthy, organic, and non-gmo snacks and ingredients so you can spend more time enjoying them! 

Next monthly subscriber box ships first week of January


We Give Back

Each time you order a zestbox, 2% of the profits is donated to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation to raise money for Neuroblastoma, which is the type of cancer our nephew has. With each box, we are one step closer to our mission of creating awareness and money for research.

Join us in supporting ALSF’s mission to change the lives of children with cancer through research, awareness, and family support.


After cancer ravaged her family, this mom launched a business to help other families thrive.

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