You deserve foods made with real ingredients. 

We promise to send you snacks, ingredients and motivation so you can thrive and have a ZEST for life!


Holiday Gift Box

 "Best gift for the foodie" 

Send the foodies in your life a delicious gift that is a lot of fun to receive and use throughout the month! Enhance their zestful experience by adding additional gifts. Shipping in our beautiful, winter boxes with uplifting quotes. 

 *Items in your box may vary.


Cookbook: Easy Eats for Zestful Living

As a cancer survivor, Chef Danielle uses food as a tool to support her immune system through antioxidants and vitamins from vegetables, legumes, seeds and nuts. They are the star of the show in these recipes, highlighting their benefits and delicious, easy ways to eat them. Recipes from overnight oats and weeknight dinners to hearty side dishes and hemp granola. Available in hardcover, includes 12 recipes with photos of each recipe. The first of the Easy Eats For Zestful Living Series. 


Our promise to you

*Zestbox is not just ANOTHER subscription box. It has heart, it has quality, it has a community, it has ZEST!

*Organic and/or non GMO ingredients to insure the products are made with real clean ingredients, without chemicals and additives.

*Quality ingredients that come from quality sources. We source all of our nutritious products right here in the U.S. from our trusted suppliers

*A large variety of products include superfoods to boost your immune system

*Each product is taste tested and approved by CIA chef so you won't have to waste your money and be disappointed when you try new snacks.

*All nutritional labels have been researched for quality and nutritional benefits to save you time.

*We put a purpose to what we send to support our mission that food is medicine

*Up to 15 products in every box. Full size products to help with meal prep and single portion snacks to easily take anywhere and help with portion control. Included are snacks and ingredients to make healthy meals.

*Large variety of gluten free and vegan products to help with most lifestyles. 

*Monthly themed boxes and virtual wellness masterclasses.

*$29.99/box - valued over $60



Karen Oliver

This is such a wonderful box. I was pleasantly surprised with this box filled to the brim with wholesome goodness! There are sweet and savory snacks, ingredients to make meals, quick on the go meals and to top it off the cutest gift that is very useful! I could go on and on about all of the good things about this box and it helps a great cause too! I highly recommend Zestbox, you won't be disappointed! it not only helps a good cause, but it far exceeds it's value. There is no way you could purchase all the items you receive for the cost of this box. I don't know how they do it! I have tried a few healthy snack boxes and Zestbox supersedes them all.

Lorraine Calabrese 

Before zestbox, I bought snacks that I thought were healthy... Danielle being my friend had just started her business and of course I wanted to support her.  Little did I know, I got so hooked on learning about healthy options that I signed up for a monthly subscription for the past year! I now read labels about products and look forward to my box each month. The sizes are perfect for me...I pack them in my lunch for work and have gifted the box to several people. 

Meagan Knight 

I gifted a 3-month box subscription to a friend who was in the middle of a moving apartments and it was PERFECT! I was able to easily coordinate when the box could ship (my friend’s move-in dates didn’t line up with the Zestbox shipping schedule) and she was SO thrilled to have a box packed with snacks upon arriving at her new & empty apartment. I am really grateful that the owner was so patient and willing to coordinate with me—I cannot recommend Zestbox enough! The snacks are also really unique! I’ve hardly seen some of these in stores. Thank you, Danielle! 

Stress free Subscription

*Cancel anytime without any fees.

*Receive email notification before your renewal to choose to renew, skip or cancel.

*Receive your renewal Zestbox the first week of every month.

*You don't have to subscribe to get a Zestbox.  Order a one time box or a send a gift box. 

*Save time and money on organic and non GMO products.

*Stay safe and have your pantry items shipped to you. 

*$29.99/month or prepay and save.


We Give Back

Our founder Danielle Harper is a CIA trained chef and cancer survivor and knows what health from food really means. "I created Zestbox to make it convenient and exciting to eat products made from real ingredients and to raise money for pediatric cancer research in support of Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF)."

Danielle partnered with ALSF to raise money for the type of cancer her nephew has, Neuroblastoma. At only four months old, her nephew was diagnosed with cancer and it was at that time that Danielle wanted to do more to fight against this awful disease. She has made it her mission to educate subscribers on what to eat to boost their immune system and increase vitamins, fiber, plant-based protein and antioxidants into their daily snacks and meals. Each time you order a zestbox, 2% of the profits is donated to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation



Desiree E. Washington

I absolutely LOVED my box and how everything was packaged with care. I could tell so much went into creating a beautiful and healthy snack box. I appreciate it more because I am always on the go as a mommy to a very active toddler and finding time to snack on something healthy is a bit challenging. I don't think anything needs to improve. From the packaging to all of the info cards about the manufacturer it was something I didn't expect. I loved everything about it and HIGHLY recommend it!!! 

Chrisie Canny

Every month when my Zestbox arrives I have an instant smile on my face! The packaging alone is beautiful and happy. Then, you get to open it and go through all the goodies! I feel great knowing that all of the products have been hand selected and that they are healthy and non gmo. The owner is amazing and shares so many tips and meals on social media. You will not be disappointed in Zestbox! 

Vicky Gunther

These Boxes full of health Foods and treats are amazing! I have found new favorites and go to foods that are healthy and satisfying! 

Jessica Talreja

Zestbox is the best purchase for me this whole year. I have been a subscriber since the beginning and every box keeps getting better and better. I love all of the snacks. I get to bring them to work and snack in between classes. The treats are absolutely delicious and both me and my kids love them. And the meals are outrageous. It challenges us to try new things and so far everything has been absolutely delicious. I will definitely be subscribing again for another six months. Thank you Zestbox! 

Zest is living...

outside of the box! 

Busy parents don't always have time to read labels to make sure they are nutrient dense and made without chemicals.

Learn new recipes to help with meal prep so healthy doesn't have to mean boring.

Stop shopping at so many health food stores for all of your favorite pantry items and have us deliver them to you automatically. 

Attend monthly wellness virtual classes in our ZestLIFE Masterclass Lifestyle Series to improve your nutrition, sleep, fitness, organization, life balance and so much more. 

Don't feel bored eating the same healthy foods because you are afraid of trying new products. 

You deserve to not overpay for products made from real ingredients.

Box themes with health benefits to help you sleep, destress, stay hydrated and boost your immune system.

No box is complete without the special motivational gift to compliment the theme and encourage a zest for life.



Anna DeLuca

This is an incredible company working for a great cause. It's a generously filled box with a great variety of healthy snacks and treats. It's also a great way to try new products in small portions. The monthly unboxing is becoming a family affair. So happy to see my kids trying new and healthy items. I highly recommend it! 

Marcie Nolletti

I love getting a Zestbox every month! The snacks are great and all the healthy choices to help with meal prep makes eating clean easy!!! 

Carrissa Fitzpatrick

The snacks are so delicious!!! And of course the added bonus is they are all healthy!! It’s a great way to find out about all the healthy treats there are out there!! 

Amy Moia

Zestbox is THE BEST BOX. This company has amazing people behind it, working for a fantastic cause. Each box is stuffed with generous amounts of healthy goodies and useful surprises (water bottles, candles, social distancing masks, etc). I’ve tried my share of subscription boxes in the past and have not had anything else like this. There are a variety of customizable options for box size and food preferences (such as gluten free). If you’re considering giving Zestbox a try, stop thinking and just push that order button right now. 

After cancer ravaged her family, this mom launched a business to help other families thrive.

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