Welcome to the ZestLIFE

Our Monthly Wellness Lifestyle Series to bring you a ZEST for life.

Pilates Fusion

In honor of National Cancer Survivor Month, our June class is a Pilates Fusion class taught by cancer survivor and thriver Lauren Chiarello Mika from Chi Chi Life. Pilates Fusion is a 30-minute low-impact, energizing mindful movement class blending Pilates, Barre + Yoga. 

Wednesday June 9 (5:30pm-6pm). Register info in newsletter. 

Lauren Chiarello Mika is a two-time cancer thriver + the founder of NYC/CT-based Chi Chi Life -- which melds Lauren's passions: fitness, corporate wellness, fundraising, events + cancer advocacy. Lauren leads corporate wellness workshops, weekly virtual Pilates Fusion classes and is a Cancer Exercise Trainer at Memorial Sloan Kettering. Most recently, Lauren is a mom to 16-month-old identical twins, Vincent and Jacob. @chichilifenyc 


Yoga Class

To enhance our spa May Zestbox collection, our ZestLIFE class is a slow paced yoga class called joyflow created by Sarah Gaines. Sarah Joy Gaines is a writer, teacher, and creator committed to joyful wellbeing for all. Sarah is the creator of Joyflow, an intuitive movement practice for Self liberation, and has had the opportunity to teach around the world. "Joyflow is the most liberating and feel-good yoga class I’ve ever taken! The perfect balance of guided postures and freedom to play around.” Joyflow is an intuitive movement practice, created to experience freedom, love and joy in your body. A slow guided flow that builds to mindful movement and closes with a sound meditation to fully drop in. No experience necessary, open to all. Come with an open mind, leave with an open heart.


Having Balance

Our April speaker was Dr. Yetunde to learn how to create balance in your life.  No matter your stage in life, your geographic location, religion, culture, sex or age, we are all trying to prioritize the things that matter most. Finding balance must be done with intention. Dr. Yetunde is the author of four books and her recent books Balance: Balancing Life, Love, Family, Career and the Pursuit of your Dreams and The Balance Guide: Quotes and Affirmations on Living a Balance Life have been widely praised. Her books and this ZESTlife class help to provide more clarity and guidance on how to find balance in your own life all while staying true to who you are and holding onto your dreams. 


Tea Ritual

March's Masterclass with Shannon Reinhardt from Joseph's Tea to create rituals to help with stress and to learn the health benefits of tea! Shannon is the CEO and Co-Founder of Joseph's Tea, a specialty online tea shop featuring over 40 high-quality all natural and organic tea blends! She started the company with her fiancé, Guerby Joseph, in 2020. After quarantining due to COVID in their small apartment in NYC for a couple months, the pair understood what is truly most important in this world: love, health, peace, and relationships. Health is Wealth! Shannon and Guerby decided to launch their own tea company to help bring the essence of the tea ritual back and the health that comes along with drinking real high quality tea on a daily basis. 


The Food - Mood Connection 

February's guest speaker Wendy Bonilla is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Author and Educator! We are going to talk about TAKING CHARGE OF YOUR FOOD CRAVINGS, FINDING EMOTIONAL BALANCE AND HAVING A HAPPY RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD.

The Food-Mood Connection

The past year has heavily affected our emotions. Emotions impact us in many ways, including our eating habits. When we repeatedly reach for food to cope with uncomfortable emotions, this can create a troubling pattern that can be hard to break. This presentation will help you better understand the connection between your emotions and food choices and will provide you with some healing ways to manage them. 


Pilates & Meal Plan

Achieve a stronger core and total body in this 45 minute class with certified personal trainer and nutritionist Shing Ong from Body, Balance, Lifestyle. With her included meal plan planning your meals in advance have never been so easy. You'll receive a Meal Prep Menu, 1-Week Meal Plan Calendar and Categorized Shopping List. Together with Shing you will feel Strong, Sexy and Fabulous. (January)


Be Prosperous in the New Year & Vision Journal

Hear from meditation teacher Sandy Vo and learn the pathway to living a prosperous and harmonious life. It begins with having clear vision. You can set goals and resolutions but if they are not rooted in your vision, then the moment any challenge comes your way, you may quickly quit and go back to old habits. Imagine how it would feel to take your New Year resolutions to the next level. Start with a meditation to center your focus. Set a solid foundation for optimal success in health, work-life balance and growth. Learn how to use the vision journal to call in your greatest desires, establish a self-care routine and optimize your schedule to optimize your energy. (January)


Home Organization

Special guest speaker Desiree Washington, who also helped design the Zestbox office, will help us create an organized, beautiful and relaxing home. Desiree is a hybrid when it comes to designing and styling. With an architecture background (architect graduate at RPI) and minor Human Factors in Design (Human Psychology) she looks at the world differently. She will be joining the live workshop with Ladies Aligned. Ladies Aligned hosts monthly LIVE workshops featuring special guest experts that deliver valuable teachings and content to equip you with tools to transform your business and life. Topics ranging from self-care & spirituality, personal development & mindset work, along with business strategies for success will ensure you gain exactly what you need to thrive. (January)